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Dating Advice For Men

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Dating Advice For Men Is On A Limited Time Only Special!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to attract women and how to guide you through the process of finding your dream woman in record time!Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this incredible limited time low price!So all of your friends have found a girlfriend or wife and are moving on with life happy as clams. As much as you don't want to be, you sometimes feel a little jealous. Don't be, your time is on its way. In fact your time could be now! Maybe that is the very reason you came across this book. But before you get too excited, you have to know how to sift through all of the eligible bachelorettes to find the woman of your dreams.Are you still afraid of online dating? Well you shouldn't be because online dating is no different than searching for anything else online. In this day and age of information, if you wanted to find a job, would you search for a job by knocking on every businesses front door? No, you would go online where you could sift through potential jobs before wasting your time driving all over town. If you wanted to find a house or a car, would you drive all over the state looking for a house or car? Nope, you would begin your search online so you could find what it is that you are looking for in the fastest manner. So why would dating be any different?Here's another greater reason to try out online dating. If you're a Christian and want to find a woman with the same values and beliefs as you, it is much easier to find someone similar to you when you search online first. For instance, if you were to go out with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night, you may see 30 or 40 different women that are possible women for you to approach, but it is very difficult to know before you go out to meet them if they even have anywhere close to the same morals and belief system that you do. That's why it is so advantageous to look for your soul mate online. You won't waste her time, or yours. So don't waste anymore of your precious time, get started now! Your future with the woman of your dreams is waiting.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...The Importance of Beliefs and Shared Value Systems in RelationshipsThe Science of Modern MatchmakingAvoiding the Pitfalls of Online DatingTransitioning from Online to Offline InteractionKeeping Yourself Safe and Secure at All TimesMany, Many more Tips for Successful Online Dating!Get your copy of "Dating Advice For Men" today and start dating tomorrow!

Advice From A 90-year-old Man

RRP $17.99

Stories, wisdom and financial tips from a man who's been around longer than TV, chocolate-chip cookies and ballpoint pens. As a child during the Great Depression, author Steve Mucha learned how his parents turned hard times into good times. As a father and businessman, he learned the necessity of financial planning and secrets of selling things. His memoir, "Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man," though, is about much more than money. It's about a plunge on a sled into a frozen lake. A mother's kindness to folks near and far. Catching 100 fish in a single day. A brother's heroism at Pearl Harbor. Fillings picking up radio stations. The joys of family, sports, music and much more. Readers will find lots of answers: What are some secrets to a thriving marriage? What's an easy way to cut your golf score without cheating? What's it like being very, very old? "Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man" is one man's sharing of simple but important lessons, expressed with humor, and including some good, clean jokes.

How To Freelance, Tips, Tricks And Advice

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Want to be a freelancer or entrepreneur? Having trouble getting your home business started? Or maybe you're already freelancing but having limited success. This book contains tips, tricks and advice on how to successfully freelance from a successful digital creative working in the game and film industry. Learn helpful techniques on developing a good freelance lifestyle, how and where to look for clients and how to communicate with them, we even look into the dreaded subject of freelance admin. Whatever your freelance capacity is you'll most certainly find something useful in How To Freelance - Tips, Tricks and Advice.

Launch A Professional Looking Business In 48 Hours

RRP $12.99

Free Press Releases, Free Phone, Free Fax, and more.

Whether you want to give your company a quick makeover or are looking to start your business fast, you'll be excited to knowLaunch a Professional Looking Business in 48 Hours is here to help you do just that. Launch your business in less than two days with this great book. Don't miss your chance!

Inside you will learn to send out free press releases, acquire a free phone number and fax, setup your website with a year of hosting for less than fifty dollars, find out what licenses you need, get professional marketing materials in less than 48 hours, and a lot more!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to start your business!

Valuable Free Advice ! ( Book 19 )

RRP $14.99

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